COVID Information

As we approach the one-year anniversary of COVID in Maine, there is a shiny glow in the distance of spending our summer together in the pines.  Nicole has been reserving cottages, Marshall has secured licenses for the shows, and Nathalie, Greg and I have been talking about how the summer might look.  Our hope is that by the start of the season, we will have reached the point where we will be able to have a normal summer.

As we get a better sense of public health in Maine and elsewhere, we will make specific provisions for a comfortable and safe stay at Quisi.  Last summer our staff and guests lived in a bubble to make sure we all stayed safe; as we plan for this summer we will continually assess and adapt to what it will take to keep everyone safe while enjoying everything Quisisana has to offer.  We wish we could provide those details and assurances now; we’d all find comfort in knowing what precautions will be taken. But this pandemic keeps changing.  At this point we can’t know what limitations the State of Maine will mandate for us as a hospitality / entertainment venue.  We will continue working on possible modifications that would allow us to have all of you here safely.  With all of this uncertainty, we thought we could provide one guarantee: we have changed our cancellation policy for this summer!

Cancellation Policy for Summer of 2021

We understand how challenging it is to commit to traveling this summer. It is hard to know what the world will be like by the time your stay will begin. Our goal is to have you enjoy a safe, relaxing stay with us. For this coming summer (2021) if you need to cancel your reservation for any reason up until the day of your arrival, we will refund your entire deposit*. In return, all we ask is that you please try to give us as much advance notice as possible, allowing us to have a chance to rebook your cottage. So, please make your reservation and start dreaming about sitting with your toes in the sand by Kezar Lake while working on your New York Times crossword, eating your lobster risotto, and enjoying live performances EVERY NIGHT!


*For groups reserving more than two cottages: if more than one cottage is cancelled after May 1st and we are unable to fill your spots, we will return up to $2,600 of your deposit. We will put 50% of your remaining deposit toward next year’s stay (non-refundable) and retain the rest. If you are interested in securing travel insurance, we would be happy to assist you.