COVID Information

To our wonderful Quisisana Family,

Spring has sprung at Quisi!  The ice is out of the lake and we’ve been out for our first boat ride of the season.  The loons have returned… and in just a few months you will too!    After more than a year of sacrifice and seclusion, getting the Quisisana community back together is our highest goal…and honestly, it feels like an incredible honor.  With the help of Marsh, Nicole & Greg, Nathalie and I are confident you’ll able to experience your week at Quisisana with as few changes as possible. You’ll find some information below that I hope will put your minds at ease and allow you to picture how we’ll be able to gather in safety.

Maine has updated its COVID-19 health and safety protocols.  These updates allow for us to dine together as usual in our dining room.  We are working with an engineer to make sure our ventilation systems sufficiently maintain a high flow of air circulation.  We are planning a new 7500 square foot screened-in, open air, performance pavilion allowing us to have fully staged productions with plenty of room for distancing, and plenty of fresh air.    You may wonder what we’ll be performing in that outdoor pavilion…

·     Saturday Evening – The Welcome Show

·     Sunday Evening – Chamber Music (all of our favorite musicians are coming back!)

·     Monday Morning – Cenerentola (Rossini’s Cinderella in English)

·     Monday Evening – The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee

·     Tuesday Evening – Piano Concert featuring Yoonsook Song

·     Wednesday Morning – Seussical The Musical

·     Wednesday Evening – She Loves Me

·     Thursday Evening – Show Tune (A revue of Jerry Herman favorites)

·     Friday Evening – Concert Night

Not surprisingly, we’ve gotten lots of questions about masks, COVID testing, and vaccinations.  First, we’re requiring our staff to be vaccinated.  They live on property and will be limiting the activities they may do off property.  Secondly, we hope that all of you who are eligible will be vaccinated before your stay.  We are still deciding if vaccination and/or COVID testing will be a requirement.  

Masks will be needed while entering and exiting the dining room and the performance spaces.  Our servers will wear masks in the dining room.  Performers won’t wear masks during performances, but rest assured there will be a fourteen foot buffer between the stage and the front row of guests, as per Maine regulations.  The state hasn’t yet made it clear if masks will be required while outdoors and walking around the property.  

Treble (our dinner-time children’s program) will meet outside, weather permitting.  In rainy weather the kids will gather in a large indoor ventilated space. During Treble children and staff will wear masks.  In the past seasons our guidelines allowed children age six and over to attend evening performances.  This summer we’re lowering that to age four.  We will provide seats in the rear of the theatre to allow for a quick exit.  We are also working on how we can provide babysitting safely.  We’ll contact those of you with children in a few weeks.

As summer nears, we hope science will provide a clearer understanding of the likelihood of a vaccinated person spreading the virus.  If that is still unknown, we may ask you to limit off-property excursions to hiking and walking, and we will ask that you save shopping and other adventures for your trip home. Don’t worry, Marsh is stocking up QuisiWorks for your shopping fix!   We’ll help you source anything else you might need.  It is very likely any unvaccinated guests will fall under the above limits.

To stay up to date on Maine’s out of state travel guidelines please visit:

Effective May 1: Shift Maine’s COVID-19 travel policy to automatically exempt all states, unless otherwise determined by the Maine CDC. If one or more states see a spike in cases of highly contagious COVID-19 variants, Maine will apply its test or quarantine requirement to travelers to and from that state.”

Thank you for your patience and flexibility. This summer will be a welcome return to life and community as we knew it with some small safety modifications.  I hope these changes and guidelines will help you relax and safely enjoy your stay.   We cannot wait to greet each and every one of you.  

Sam & Nathalie Orans and the rest of the Quisi family

Cancellation Policy for Summer of 2021

We understand how challenging it is to commit to traveling this summer. It is hard to know what the world will be like by the time your stay will begin. Our goal is to have you enjoy a safe, relaxing stay with us. For this coming summer (2021) if you need to cancel your reservation for any reason up until the day of your arrival, we will refund your entire deposit*. In return, all we ask is that you please try to give us as much advance notice as possible, allowing us to have a chance to rebook your cottage. So, please make your reservation and start dreaming about sitting with your toes in the sand by Kezar Lake while working on your New York Times crossword, eating your lobster risotto, and enjoying live performances EVERY NIGHT!

*For groups reserving more than two cottages: if more than one cottage is cancelled after May 1st and we are unable to fill your spots, we will return up to $2,600 of your deposit. We will put 50% of your remaining deposit toward next year’s stay (non-refundable) and retain the rest. If you are interested in securing travel insurance, we would be happy to assist you.

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