Green and white cottage
Green and white cottage

Accommodations at Quisisana

Choose among our charming cottages and lodge rooms to find your perfect home away from home.
Nestled in the pines and along the eastern shore of Lake Kezar, each of our 40 cottages and seven lodge rooms has its own charm. All guests seem to have their own favorite (often depending on which one they fell in love with first). Some of our accommodations are perfect for couples, others for families. Trust us to find the perfect match for you.
Decorated in Maine cottage style, our accommodations have been updated with fresh pine paneling, whimsical fabrics, and air conditioning. You won’t need keys during your stay, but don’t worry - your cottage can be locked from the inside. You can expect daily housekeeping service and ice delivery. Rates are per person per night and include three meals each day and most activities.
View from inside cabin porch overlooking lake
View from lake looking at a cabin

Property Map

Explore our property map to get to know the lay of the land at Quisisana, situated on the shore of Lake Kezar.