Children at Quisisana

Give your kids a summer camp experience they’ll never forget.

We welcome the entire family at Quisisana and offer a variety of activities for children to freely experience the joy of independence and discovery. From the playground and mini golf, to morning matinees and weekly pizza parties, Quisisana is a magical place for kids of all ages.
Young boy playing skee ball
Boy jumping into air with wakeboard
Sue Dominus, returning guest and parent of twin boys Leo and Josh, said it best in the New York Times article:
“My kids, maybe especially, regard as sacrosanct this one-week vacation, which promises a freedom and independence that also has a throwback appeal. The children who come with their families the same week every summer tend to travel as a pack, readily absorbing new ones into the fold. The older ones look after the younger, all of them keeping busy with chipmunk-chasing, elaborate games of tag, and highly engineered sand excavations that they manage on the beach.”



Cedar playset with swings, slide, playhouse, and zip line in our pine forest with cedar mulch for safety.

Beach Toys

We’re well stocked for fun in the sand!

Miniature Golf

Nine holes of fun in the woods.

Game Room

Features pinball, ping pong, foosball, air hockey, and more.

Treble Hall

Our play space is open and stocked with toys all day everyday. In the evening it is particularly fun with our staff supervising play during adult dinner.

Kids’ Dinner

Kids eat separately, enjoying a casual dinner in the dining room. Children 3 and older enjoy supervised play in Treble Hall during adult dinner.

BBQ & Tractor Rides

Fun for everyone with our barbeques by the lake and tractor rides.

Pizza Parties & Buffets

No shortage of kid-friendly meals, including weekly pizza parties and children’s buffet meals.


Available evenings and occasionally during the afternoon. Arrangements can be made at the front desk. The rate is $15/hour.

Morning Matinees

Designed for all children to feel comfortable and be entertained.

Evening Performances

Children ages six and up are welcome at performances. We save seats in the front for kids from 6-12 at our staged performances.