We still call Quisisana Home:

      We’ve been stirring up a plan to make lemonade out of the lemons that life has handed to all of us:  shelter in place at Quisisana.  By capping our guest count at about 30 each session, we will be able to host you with much more flexibility, ensuring that you enjoy a safe and relaxing time away from the world’s anxieties.  In addition, you’ll have the rare experience of living at Quisi for an extended period, in an almost private environment.  We’ll have a staff (about 25 of our best) to make sure you have everything you need, and music to soothe your frayed nerves. Being at Quisisana for four weeks doesn’t get old….we’ve been doing it for more than 30 years; we speak from experience!

We’re offering two sessions of 3 – 4 week extended stays:

  • Session One:  July 3 – 31

  • Session Two:  August 2 – 30


  • The first two weeks - $225 per day, per person

  • The third week - $175 per day, per person

  • The fourth week - $125 per day per day, per person

      Unlike a regular season, these rates will be inclusive of alcohol, use of motorboats & water skiing. There will still be a 15% service charge and Maine state sales tax.
What would Quarantining at Quisi look like?

      You’ll have your own cottage with spaces to eat inside and outside.  All meals will be delivered to you, including early morning coffee if you like.  We are very excited about expanding our menu for this special period.  In pleasant weather we’ll have BBQs and Lobster Bakes at the newly created outdoor kitchen and dining area.  We will schedule dinner a little later allowing for cocktails each night, served on the beach (or somewhere that can provide distancing) while we enjoy Mory’s mixings.  We will also stock your refrigerators with beverages of your choice and provide any snacks you would like to have on hand.

      You’ll enjoy your own reserved beach chairs in your own space on the beach.  Every guest will have their own life jacket for their entire stay.  The same applies to the blue floating mats.  Kayaks, stand up paddleboards, our new small motorboats, and row boats will be available for your use. The beach staff will sanitize them after each use.  We’re still thinking of ways to make sailboats available.  Tennis will be available.

      We request that you don’t plan major hikes during your stay, but even while you are under quarantine, we encourage you to take walks around the property (you’ll want to check out our new gardens) and up Pleasant Point Road / Route 5.  Our feeling is that distancing makes that okay.  

      Internet will be available in every cottage.  We will establish a way to have documents printed when needed.  For those of you who are first timers, please know there is virtually no cell service on the property.  Most cell phones have Wi-Fi calling so you will be able to use your phones over the internet.  If you require a land line, we will try to create one for you, but this would have to be discussed in advance.  If you require a separate cabin for an office space or to get away from the kids we should be able to arrange this for your stay as well.  :)

      Of course there must be music; this summer will provide a rare opportunity to see us at our casual best.  We will find safe ways for all to enjoy chamber music, probably outside.  How can we keep from singing?  - we can’t!   Plans for show tunes and other vocal music will evolve as we develop safe methods to present them.   
      There will have to be limitations for the safety of all.  While quarantining, you won’t be able to enter any buildings at Quisi except the ones designated specifically for you.  You won’t be able to leave the property except for the above-mentioned walks.   If you need something from town, including medications, we will arrange to get whatever you need.  This will be true for your entire stay.  Our goal is to keep Quisi a safe zone for everyone.  

      We pledge to do our very best to keep your quarantine days as pleasant and relaxing as possible.  Because all guests arrive and quarantine the same day, we will all enjoy more freedoms when that period is over.  

  • Meals in the dining room - but we’ll keep a safe distance between you and others

  • Programming in Music Hall - again, keeping a safe distance

  • Water skiing and lake tours will be available

  • QuisiWorks shopping!!

There are other things to consider:

  • Pets: If your pet will get along with our camp dogs, they’d be welcome this summer. 

  • Laundry: after your quarantine is over we’ll do it for you. 

  • Cabin choice:  You might select the same session as someone who loves your cabin just as much as you do.   We will do our best but may have to ask your understanding. 

  • Maid service:  Throughout your stay we will deliver towels daily and sheets twice a week.  There will be cleaning supplies available for each cottage.  Chambermaids will not enter your cottage.

  • We’ve tried to think of everything you might want to know but we might have missed something. Feel free to ask - we’re making this up as we go, and we’ll do our best to answer you asap.


        Our goal is to provide a Quisi experience that maintains a safe place for everyone; it will require understanding and patience all around. It will be very hard not to hug and greet as we are used to doing. We will probably have to remind each other to keep a safe distance.  
        It is our hope you will be able to enjoy the pines in this very unique way.  We look forward to hearing from you. Please reach out with your interest and questions as soon as possible.  

Sam & Nathalie


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